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Figth Patriarchy!

Noone can answer this question: Who comes first? The chick or the egg? But what we can answer is the following question: Who comes first? Women or men?"

We all must pay its due appreciation to women since we all received life from them. Even if we know this fact, society still mistreats them and uses them as pure slaves. In this section of the site we will try to learn about Anarcha feminism, with its main writers, see how today's woman situation is and try to change it.

But before anything else, we should give proper definiton to feminism. Feminism is the knowledge that women and men are equal.Sexism is about inequality. Feminism is the opposite. Feminism is about the fact that men and women should be treated equaly.. Anarcha-feminism is using the anarchist method of organisation to fight for such an idea.

As usual we invite you all to post your views on the matter and we will reprint them here, even if you fight feminism...if you do we will post a counter argument...Easy to do since we have clever women working with us.

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